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Monsoon Valley HuaHin : ไร่องุ่น มอนซูน แวลลีย์ หัวหิน

HuaHin Vineyards

   " ไร่องุ่น มอนซูน แวลลีย์ หัวหิน : Monsoon Valley HuaHin   
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  Monsoon Valley HuaHin  
ไร่องุ่น มอนซูน แวลลีย์ หัวหิน : Monsoon Valley HuaHin
  HuaHin Hills Bistro&Wine Cellar  
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  Monsoon Valley HuaHin
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     Monsoon Valley HuaHin    
    ไร่องุ่น มอนซูน แวลลีย์ หัวหิน    
About 45 km west of the beautiful coastal town of Hua Hin, amidts rolling hills and jungle, and close to the Myanmar border. We are in the same direction as Huay Monkol temple and on route to Pala U waterfall.
Monsoon Valley was founded in 2001 by Chalerm Yoovidhya, a wine-loving entrepreneur with a vision to create a Thai wine culture. Upon returning from his studies abroad, Chalerm saw potential in growing grapes in his beloved native Thailand and set out to show the world that great wines can be crafted even at the 13th latitude of the northern hemisphere.
ไร่องุ่น มอนซูน แวลลีย์ หัวหิน : Monsoon Valley HuaHin
His first vineyard was at Tab Kwang, in beautiful Khao Yai, a region known as the 'traditional' grape-growing region of Thailand. Surrounded by national parks and jungle, the choice for this area was perfect as the fertile red soil and convenient climate conditions created the best platform for making opulent and rich Shiraz. After initial success in Tab Kwang, he explored other areas of Thailand that would give birth to great wines.
The grapes for Monsoon Valley Wines are grown in 3 locations: Monsoon Valley Vineyard at Hua Hin, Tab Kwang Vineyard and Chiang Mai Vineyard. Hua Hin Hills, the largest of the three, spans over 700 Rai (about 110 Hectare) of uncultivated land which will never be used for farming purposes and serve as a retreat for the local wildlife. Only rain water is what is used to keep the grapevines growing. During the rain-season, water gets collected in several ponds to irrigate the plants during the dry-season.
The ponds are also home to various fish and lobsters. As in all of Thailand, the nature around the vineyards is very lively. Animals who call the vineyards and its surroundings home are rabbits, different kinds of snakes, monkeys, various lizards and wild chickens. Apart from growing grapes, all 3 vineyards have other farming projects going on. Chiang Mai Vineyard also conducts some rice fields; Tab Kwang Vineyard has several kinds of poultry such as chicken, peacocks, bantams and turkeys.
Monsoon Valley Vineyard has two vegetable gardens to provide ingredients to the local restaurant, The Sala, as well as several wild boars who feed on the leftovers of the restaurant. Furthermore many local and foreign trees and plants can be spotted in Monsoon Valley Vineyard, including banana, mango, papaya, olives, coffee, raspberries, baobab, roses, mulberry and various Thai and Italian herbs. Monsoon Valley Vineyard also participates in a project to preserve Hornbills. As part of this project, old wooden wine-barrels get modified and hung up high into trees to provide nesting sites for the birds. These barrels can not only be found in Monsoon Valley Vineyard but in several locations throughout Thailand.
ไร่องุ่น มอนซูน แวลลีย์ หัวหิน : Monsoon Valley HuaHin
Within all vineyards itself, a certain biodiversity which is made up by insects is natural. Some of the insects can be harmful to the plants, the vermins. Other so called predators feed on the insects which have harmful effects to the grapes. Common pest control systems use chemicals which kill both vermins and predators – and sometimes also can be harmful to the environment. The Monsoon Valley Vineyards use Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (NPV), a selective virus which is only harmful to certain insects. This way the vermins can be controlled while the predators and the environment don’t get affected.
The foundation for agriculture is the of course, the soil – not just mud and stones but a continuously active eco-system that provides the 'food' and water for our plants. To reduce the need of artificial fertilizers, we return the grape-skins and seeds back to the vineyards after they have been pressed in our winery. After pruning, all pruned branches, shoots and leaves get shredded and also returned to the soil. This returns most of the nutrients which have been taken out of the soil by the plant back into the soil, so the nutrients stay in an almost closed circulation.
In addition, all our vineyards are covered by a grass-layer which gets cut frequently. This produces a constant supply of fast rotting compost which keeps the worms and microorganisms in the soil active and the soil alive.
A project for turning the trunks of old grapevines into Biochar has also been started. Biochar improves the nutrient- and water-storage capacity of a soil and activates microorganisms. In a long term this is a first step towards a complete production of 100% organic fertilizers.
    Monsoon Valley HuaHin : ไร่องุ่น มอนซูน แวลลีย์ หัวหิน    
The vineyard is nestled in a beautiful valley and in the home of Monsoon Valley Wines. Visitors can enjoy new latitude wines and tour the vineyard by vintage jeep.
ไร่องุ่น มอนซูน แวลลีย์ หัวหิน : Monsoon Valley HuaHin
Enjoy The Beatiful Countryside
Relax in beautiful Monsoon Valley Vineyards - our flagship location. Enjoy a range of activities including Mountain Biking and Elephant riding in the picturesque Hua Hin countryside.
Wine Tasting
Get a taste of all of our Monsoon Valley Wines before you make your choice. Choose from the premium or flagship range, or a combination of both to enjoy the perfect New Latitude Wine experience!
Vineyards Tour
Experience a guided tour through the vineyard. Learn how vines grows in our tropical climate.
Hop on our jeep at either 1pm or 4pm and get first hand knowledge of new latitude winegrowing from our guide.
Wine Safari
A full day journey through the vines of Monsoon Valley Vineyards and wildlife of Kuiburi National Park. This educational adventure will take you to the heart of the magnificent Kuiburi where the large heards of Gaur and Elephants roam..
Mountain Biking
Explore Monsoon Valley Vineyards on a mountain bike around our 3 km. trail. If you are up for a challenge, try the red marked trail which is for trained cyclists and is 1km. longer and steeper.
Bottle Painting
Memories are best taken home! Get inspired by the beautiful surrounding of Monsoon Valley Vineyards and create your own unique wine label. A treasure to be kept for a long time!
ไร่องุ่น มอนซูน แวลลีย์ หัวหิน : Monsoon Valley HuaHin
Elephant Ride
Monsoon Valley Vineyards was previously an elephant corral, where wild elephants were domesticated. Fittingly, the best view can now be enjoyed from the back of our Asian elephants. Come ride with us.
Experience our vineyard on the back of an elephant: 15 min for THB 300 or 30 min for THB 500 per person. Children under 7 years old are not allowed to ride the elephants unattended, and children below height 75cm/2’6” - free of charge, operation time from 9:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
The Sala
Our flagship restaurant where the only thing as delicious as the food is the panoramic view.
The Sala Wine Bar & Bistro is a beautiful designed Thai pavillion. It offers delicious wine & food pairings amidst scening landscape as well as information on tropical viticulture and winemaking.
    Monsoon Valley WINE    
    Monsoon Valley HuaHin    
Monsoon Valley are award-winning wines made from international grape varietals grown at Monsoon Valley Vineyard. Often served by the glass at leading restaurants and five-star hotels or resorts in Thailand.
Classic Range
Monsoon Valley Classic Range is blended from Thai and international grapes varieties grown at the Floating Vineyards of Samut Sakorn and Monsoon Valley Vineyard respectively. Designed to perfectly pair with Thai and Asian dishes, the Monsoon Valley Classic Range are easy to enjoy and served in leading Thai restaurants the world over.
Monsoon Valley Premium Range are award-winning wines made from international grape varietals grown at Monsoon Valley Vineyard. Often served by the glass at leading restaurants and five-star hotels or resorts in Thailand the Monsoon Valley Premium Range wines are well balanced and expressive wines which can be enjoyed on their own or with your favorite international and Asian dishes.
ไร่องุ่น มอนซูน แวลลีย์ หัวหิน : Monsoon Valley HuaHin
Monsoon Valley Signature, a collection of red and white wine made from finely selected quality grapes from Monsoon Valley Vineyard.
Flagship Range
Monsoon Valley Flagship Range wines are limited-edition estate wines made from a strong selection of the best grapes, tanks or barrels. These are singular wines which can easily share the table with prestigious appellations from the old and new world. Come to our vineyard or wine cellar to experience the pinnacle of Thai wines.
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