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Blue Rabbit Hotel : โรงแรมบลู แรบบิท จันทบุรี

Hotel Chanthaburi, Thailand

     " Blue Rabbit Hotel Chanthaburi : โรงแรมบลู แรบบิท จันทบุรี "     
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  Blue Rabbit Hotel  
Blue Rabbit Hotel : โรงแรมบลู แรบบิท จันทบุรี
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Hotel&Resort : Blue Rabbit Hotel
188 Moo 2 Raksakchamul Road., Thachang Sub-district
Mueang District, Chanthaburi 22000
+66 3947 1288
+66 874 828 989
+66 993 289 779
+66 3947 1288
  Line Line : @bluerabbithotel
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    รายละเอียด โรงแรม รีสอร์ท :: Hotel & Resort    
Accommodation 79 Rooms
Room Rate 980 - 2,360 Baht
Rates & Availability Subject To Change.
Please, check the details directly with the hotel before arrival.
Blue Rabbit Hotel is situated on Ruk-Sak-Moon Road, close to H.M. Queen Rambhai Barni Golf Club. Sukhumvit Road provides an easy access to the hotel and the city of Chanthaburi. It takes only about 10 mins ride from the hotel to Chanthaburi city.
Welcome to Blue Rabbit Hotel, the very first so-called “Smart Hotel” in Chanthaburi province. With modern design and easy access, we are here to impress all visitors seeking the sense of comfort and relaxation.
The name “Blue Rabbit” has been inspired by the two signatures of Chanthaburi, Blue Sapphire, Chanthaburi’s famous gem and Rabbit, Chanthaburi’s symbol. Rabbit or Moon Rabbit, the symbolic figure of Chanthaburi symbolized beauty, peace and tranquility of the province.
Blue Rabbit is so the Smart Hotel passing the intriguing storytelling of Chanthaburi to the visitors through room designs and interior decorations in minimalist style yet modernized impression filled with idyllic and homey feeling aiming to impress the visitors who wish to find cozy place painted with local fascinating story to stay while travelling around Chanthaburi.
Accommodations : Room Features : Blue Rabbit Hotel
Blue Rabbit’s rooms are decorated in blue tone giving released and cozy sense of feeling. Safety is guaranteed by electronic key card system. To meet variety of expectations, Blue Rabbit Hotel has 3 choices of room types. Not only choice of rooms to select, but also choice of pillows is another highlight.  Guests can select their own pillows, softy and size, to perfectly fit each individual taste and serve their dreams.
B   Double Bedroom
Double-bed room type : Maximum for 1-2 people who expect his/her own one comfy large double bed.
B   Twin Bedroom
Twin-bed room type: Maximum for 2 people who expect their own private space.
B   Family Room
Family room type (with separate fully-furnished living room i.e. table, chairs and sofa): Maximum for 4 people. Excellent choice for family or group of friends who need big space.
O   Double Bedroom For   2   paxs Nightly Rate ( Starting ) 980 THB
O   Twin Bedroom For   2   paxs Nightly Rate ( Starting ) 1,180 THB
O   Family Room For   4   paxs Nightly Rate ( Starting ) 2,360 THB
Standard guestroom amenities
- Air Conditioning - Bathroom Amenities
- Television - Refrigerator
- WiFi Internet - etc.,
Rates & Availability Subject To Change. Please, check the details directly with The Blue Rabbit Hotel, Chanthaburi Province, Thailand, before arrival or Walk-in.
Blue Rabbit Hotel Offers a lot of facilities
Blue Rabbit Hotel offers a lot of facilities including large parking lots at the front of hotel, pavements for wheelchair, Free Wi-Fi, and dining room with assorted choices of breakfast including American breakfast and daily local dishes such as Moo Cha-Muang and Kao Tom Chanthaboon. There is also coffee shop with common space area in the lobby for the visitors to spend time working during their stay. Choices of fruit smoothies using famous, local fresh fruits of Chanthaburi are also available here for non-caffeine guests.
  Service&Facilities : Blue Rabbit Hotel
   Coffee Shop
   WiFi Internet
   Room Service
   Car Parking
   Chanthaburi Sightseeing
Meeting : Walk Rally & TeamBuilding
Blue Rabbit Hotel Chanthaburi : โรงแรมบลู แรบบิท จันทบุรี
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