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Tama Jun Hotel : โรงแรม ท่ามาจัน จันทบุรี

Hotel Chanthaburi, Thailand

     " Tama Jun Hotel Chanthaburi : โรงแรม ท่ามาจัน จันทบุรี "     
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  Tama Jun Hotel Chanthaburi  
Tama Jun Hotel Chanthaburi : โรงแรม ท่ามาจัน จันทบุรี
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  Hotel&Resort : Tama Jun Hotel
248 Sukhapiban Rd., WatMai Sub-district
Muang District, Chanthaburi 22000
+66 3931 1977
    +66 6498 78529    
+66 9896 86111
+66 9893 55588
+66 8178 28447
+66 3960 0261
  Line Line ID : tamajunhotel
  Etc., GPS : 12.612299 : 102.113876
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Accommodation 24 Rooms
Room Rate 1,300 - 1,800 Baht
Rates & Availability Subject To Change.
Please, check the details directly with the hotel before arrival.
When you reach Muang Chanthaburi, you will see the city pillar shrine on the left and the Chanthaburi Police Station on the right. Turn right at the first traffic light and go straight along Benchamarachuthit Road (You will see the Chanthaburi Catholic Church and Chan Phochana restaurant on the left.) Turn left in to the small Soi beside the Kasemsarn Hotel and drive straight about 100m you will see Tamajun parking lots.
The Chanthaboon Waterfront is a charming little town, over 300 years old. The town is an area of old shop houses which are well preserved. A peaceful atmosphere and unique lifestyle attracts visitors from around the world.
TAMAJUN is well located in the heart of the old town. It is also very convenient to visit all tourism spots around the old town. We are ready to welcome all of our guests; offer you a comfortable stay and memorable experience.
Accommodations : Room Features : Tama Jun Hotel
TAMAJUN has two separate buildings
Tama Jun Hotel Chanthaburi : โรงแรม ท่ามาจัน จันทบุรี
O   Hip Hotel : 12 Rooms
    Hip Hotel is a recently renovated an old hotel building (Arunsawat Hotel). The rooms are furnished in a contemporary style. Each room has a different and unique decorating design.
O   Tropical Thai Style : 12 Rooms
Tropcal Thai Style is on the bank of the Chanthaboon River. You can relax while facing the river with its lively activities and way of life. Each room has a different design and decorated Tropical Thai Style to provide the living atmosphere of the local community.
O   Large Room For 2 Persons Nightly Rate 1,600-1,800 Baht
O   Small Room For 2 Persons Nightly Rate 1,300-1,500 Baht
Standard Guestroom Amenities
- Air Conditioning - Bathroom Amenities
- Television - Refrigerator
- etc.,    
Rates & Availability Subject To Change. Please, check the details directly with The Tama Jun Hotel, Chanthaburi Province, Thailand, before arrival or Walk-in.
Tamajun and the surrounding area offer wonderful atmosphere, many thing to see and do. You can sit by the river, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, watch the river go by. Walking or renting a bike and ride around the old town to witness the way of living of local people. After a long day of sightseeing, we are delighted to recommend our traditional Thai massage for relaxation.
Tamajun Restaurant
Tamajun restuarant is a riverside restaurant in Tamajun Hotel.You can enjoy the special Thai dishes, live music and nice river view.
Tamajun Bekery
Come and enjoy coffee and bakery with relax and retro atmosphere after a long morning or afternoon of sightseeing.
  Service&Facilities : Tama Jun Hotel
   Tamajun Restaurant
   Tamajun Bekery
   Tamajun Rooftop Banquet & Event Space
   Thai Massage
   WiFi Internet
   Bicycle Rental
  Car Parking
   Chanthaburi Sightseeing
Meeting : Conference : Events : Banqueting
Tama Jun Hotel Chanthaburi : โรงแรม ท่ามาจัน จันทบุรี
Tamajun Rooftop Banquet & Event Space
Whether you are planning a holiday party, company event, wedding reception or any kind of occasion. You can bring your party or celebration to Tamajun Rooftop Banquet & Event Space with great view of the old town of Chanthaboon Waterfront.
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