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Seashell Village Resort : ซีเชลล์วิลเลจ รีสอร์ท หาดเจ้าหลาว

Resort Chaolao Beach Chanthaburi, Thailand

    " Seashell Village Resort : ซีเชลล์วิลเลจ รีสอร์ท หาดเจ้าหลาว "   
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  Seashell Village Resort  
Seashell Village Resort Chantaburi : ซีเชลล์วิลเลจ รีสอร์ท หาดซีเชลล์ เจ้าหลาว
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  Hotel&Resort : Seashell Village Resort
50 Seashell Beach ( Next to Chao Lao Beach)
Chaleomburaphachonlathit Rd, Klong-Khud,
Khungkabane, Tamai, Chantaburi 22120
+66 3943 3272
    +66 3938 8090    
    +66 815 750 644    
+66 3943 3272
Line : @seashellvillage
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    รายละเอียด โรงแรม รีสอร์ท :: Hotel & Resort    
Accommodation 26 Rooms
Room Rates 2,400 - 8,500 Baht
Rates & Availability Subject To Change.
Please, check the details directly with the hotel&resort before arrival.
Chanthaburi Province is located on the east coast of Thailand, approximately 250 kilometers from Bangkok and International airport. Chanthaburi Province is famous throughout Thailand and popular tourist destination there are plenty of tropical fruits which Rambutan and Durian are the most famous and most delicious fruits in Thailand and as a center for gems mining and gemstones. There are also many natural attractions such as Plew waterfalls, ChaoLao Beach and Khitchakut mountain a holy mountain of buddha's footprint in Chanthaburi province.
And in addition, Chanthaburi province has many beautiful and clean beaches, like ChaoLao Beach, Khung Vimarn bay, LaemSadet Beach ,KhungKrabain Bay, LaemSing Beach, each of beaches ideal for a nice holiday. The tourists come to Chanthaburi they are relaxing with the popular beaches and enjoy a great range of activities or enjoy with a fresh seafood and delicious tropical fruits of Thailand. There are also several many different types of hotel and resort or restaurants that exist in Chaolao Beach and Chanthaburi Province for tourists from around the world.
...Seashell Village Resort...
....360° Natural Hideaway....
At Seashell Village Resort you will find peace and relaxation for which you have been searching. Our absolute beachfront location is the secret to the charm of Seashell Village Resort. Uniquely in Chao lao Beach , and rarely anywhere in Chantaburi , there is no road or traffic, only garden and trees between you and the seashore.
We offer a peaceful, private & relaxed environment with natural surroundings as incredible green mountain views and the sea.
Accommodations : Room Features : Seashell Village Resort
Only 26 accommodation rooms has a private patio or balcony with a safe beach at your doorstep. Our restaurant and bar areas with spectacular uninterrupted sea views of Bangkradan Bay , you can enjoy the natural surroundings sun, sea, sky and sand right here at Seashell Village Resort.
O   Standard Room 8 Rooms 2 Paxs Nightly Rate 2,400 THB
O   Deluxe Room 9 Rooms 2 Paxs Nightly Rate 2,600 THB
O   Sand Suite Room 2 Rooms 2 Paxs Nightly Rate 3,000 THB
O   SeaShell Connecting 1 Rooms 2 Paxs Nightly Rate 4,200 THB
O   SeaShell Spa 2 Rooms 2 Paxs Nightly Rate 4,500 THB
O   Sky Suite 1 Rooms 2 Paxs Nightly Rate 5,000 THB
O   Family Villa 1 Rooms 6-8 Paxs Nightly Rate 6,900 THB
O   Pool Villa 1 Rooms 2 Paxs Nightly Rate 8,500 THB
Standard Room Amenities
- Air conditioning - "Big rain" hot/cold shower
- Television - Refrigerator
- Telephone - Private Terrace
- WiFi Internet - etc.,
Rates & Availability Subject To Change. Please, check the details directly with the Seashell Village Resort, Chaolao beach, Chanthaburi before arrival or Walk-in.
Wake early to the glorious sight of the sunrise over the water each morning. Explore the whole Chantaburi with day trips to town, Cathedral, Prew Waterfall and Historic site.
  Services&Facilities : Seashell Village Resort
   Seafood restaurant
   Enjoy our beach front swimming pool
   Free Wifi keeps you connected
   Take a kayak for a paddle and explore this beautiful bay
   Read a book or just siesta in a sun lounger
   Trek or mountain bike
   Walk or run the length of the beach
   24 hours securities
Meeting : Walk Rally & TeamBuilding
Seashell Village Resort : ซีเชลล์วิลเลจ รีสอร์ท หาดเจ้าหลาว
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