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The HEN HuaHin : เดอะเฮน หัวหิน

HuaHin Resort, Thailand

      " The HEN HuaHin : เดอะเฮน หัวหิน "     
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  The HEN HuaHin  
The HEN HuaHin : เดอะเฮน หัวหิน
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Hotel&Resort : The HEN HuaHin
31 Samnak Diskul, Naebkhehars Rd.,
HuaHin, PrachuabKhirikan 77110
+66 3253 1331
    +66 813 113 213    
    +66 849 169 592    
+66 3253 1146
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    รายละเอียด โรงแรม & รีสอร์ท : Hotel & Resort    
Accommodaton 6 Rooms
Room Rates 4,950 - 15,900 Baht
Rates & Availability Subject To Change.
Please, check the details directly with the hotel before arrival.
"The Hen" was once the summer vacation home for the "Diskul" royal family. It was know to the public as the "Office of the Diskul family". The Hen is located in a very private and cozy seaside area of Hua Hin that maintains its classic luxury to this day.
Originally a contemporary bungalow during the late reign of King Rama VII,"The Hen" has been fully renovated to reminisce the traditional Hua Hin style of relaxation. The decor is a combinnation of vintage white with colonial furnishings for that truly relaxing experience.
Accommodations : Room Features : The HEN HuaHin
The Hen : Heneymoon suite
    Fitted for people looking for privacy,this room is for guests looking for peace and quit.A private Jacuzzi and terrace in the garden is perfact for couples looking to spend time together.
O   The Chick : Sea View
    The perfect view of the seaside is well suited for romance. A bathtub in the middle room creates a romantic mood for couples. Sofa space area is also where you could relax and enjoy the sea view.
O   The Rooster : The Chicken : Pool Villa
    A European style room with high ceilings, this room has a clear view of the lawn and its own private pool.The pantry separates the pool from the bedroom and is accommodated by indoor and outdoor bathrooms.
O   The Pullet : Pool view
    This room is a special single bedroom located at the main poolside.
O   The Pleiades : Sea View
    This sea view room is separated into a living room and a bedroom. Along with the sofa space where you could relax and enjoy the sea view.
H   Pool View Room Nightly Rate 4,990-9,900 THB
H   Sea View Room Nightly Rate 5,990-11,900 THB
H   Honeymoon Suite Nightly Rate 6,990-13,900 THB
H   Pool Villa Nightly Rate 7,990-15,900 THB
Rates & Availability Subject To Change. Please, check the details directly with The HEN HuaHin, PrachuabKhiriKhan Province, Thailand, before arrival or Walk-in.
Pool : Our main pool and a Jacuzzi use a salt-water chlorinator system that will refresh your skin and save the environment.
Thai Massage : We provide Royal Thai Massage for guests looking for extra relaxation.
Van : Shuttle bus also available upon request from Bangkok or Suvarnabhumi Airport at 5,500 Baht (one way).
  Service&Facilities : The HEN HuaHin
   BBQ Buffet
   WiFi Internet
   Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi
   Thai Massage
   Safety Box
   Shuttle bus from Bangkok or Suvarnnabhumi Airport
   HuaHin Sightseeing
Meeting : Walk Rally & TeamBuilding
The HEN HuaHin : เดอะเฮน หัวหิน
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