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Silverlake Vineyard : The Movie House Bed&Breakfast Pattaya : เดอะมูฟวี่เฮาส์ เบดแอนด์เบรคฟัสต์ พัทยา

Resort & Vineyard Pattaya, Thailand

  "The Movie House Bed&Breakfast Pattaya : เดอะมูฟวี่เฮาส์ เบดแอนด์เบรคฟัสต์ พัทยา"  
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"Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya"
  The Movie House Pattaya  
Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya : The Movie House Bed&Breakfast Pattaya
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Ratchadapisek Rd., Klongtoey, Bkk 10110
+66 2261 6565
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  Hotel&Resort : The Movie House Bed&Breakfast Pattaya
31/62 Moo 7, NaJomtien
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  GPS 12.762543 N : 100.961748 E
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Accommodation 10 Units
Room Rates 2,100 - 7,650 Baht
Rates & Availability Subject To Change.
Please, check the details directly with the hotel before arrival
Welcome! Come experience the magic of SILVERLAKE VINEYARD….
Offering some of the best new-latitude wines coming out of Thailand, the sprawling 480 acre site of SILVERLAKE VINEYARD sits under blue skies of Thailand’s eastern seaboard waiting to be discovered and enjoyed…
An easy drive from Pattaya and Bangkok, SILVERLAKE VINEYARD encompasses a multitude of features for visitors:
There is the beautiful Tuscan style Winery Compound stocked with the latest Italian technology, easily toured alongside the surrounding Vineyard or a visit to the Cellar Door to taste the exciting wines on offer.
Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya : The Movie House Bed&Breakfast Pattaya
Relax at the charming Villagio Community Mall where you can enjoy some shopping, try the vineyard’s delicious homemade juice and jams, taste the vine-fresh grapes and the many other grape products made on site.
Visit the Silverlake Wine and Grill Restaurant and Pizza Café, the vineyard’s family style restaurant, where our wines are pared with traditional Italian and Thai dishes.  Indoor and outdoor seating offer bird’s eye views over the vineyard and adjoining lake that are best taken in with live music or a beautiful sunset.
Stroll through the manicured flower gardens and enjoy their playful features, such as gazebos and topiary plants, or take in a live show, festival, or event at one of the vineyards many concert and performances stages.
Finally, spend the night at the quirky Movie House Bed and Breakfast, which pays homage to both Thai cinema and the vineyard’s founder, actress Supansa Nuangpirom, with charming cottages decorated with retro movie posters and paraphernalia.
A perfect day’s excursion, SILVERLAKE VINEYARD has cultivated a destination not to be missed… where good wine, music, and company come together in beautiful nature and a relaxed atmosphere.
Accommodations : The Movie House Bed&Breakfast Pattaya
Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya : The Movie House Bed&Breakfast Pattaya
For visitors wanting to stay overnight, the charming and quirky Movie House Bed and Breakfast offers a unique option with its cozy cottages.  Each room pays homage to Thai cinema in honor of one the vineyard’s founders, actress Supansa Nuangpirom, with retro movie posters and other paraphernalia decorating the walls.   The whimsical garden also offers great views of the large Kao Chee Chan Buddha statue that sits next to the vineyard.
Reservation Required, Please Call : (+66) 89-895-9886
O   10 Villas Nightly Rates 2,100-7,650 THB
Villas Facilities
- Air Conditioner - Television
- Refrigerator & Mini Bar - Bathroom Hot&Cold Shower
- Telephone - etc.,
Rates & Availability Subject To Change. Please, check the details directly with the hotel&resort before arrival or Walk-in.
Silverlake Winery
Nestled amongst the grape vines, sits the vineyards pride and joy… the state of the art SILVERLAKE WINERY.   Built in a picturesque Tuscan style, the compound houses faculties for both wine and juice making stocked with the latest Italian technology.  A Guided Tour of the Winery facilities is available and concludes with a Wine Tasting at the CELLAR DOOR where you can enjoy the Winery’s full range of new latitude wines alongside tapas on the terrace.
Vineyard and Garden
The beautiful natural surroundings and the adjacent lake create an excellent backdrop for exploring the Vineyards and Gardens.  With breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, both can be enjoyed on foot or by joining the Tram Ride Tours that depart regularly from the Villagio.  A stroll through the manicured gardens allows time to enjoy their playful gazebos and other features, while a ride past the vineyard offers the perfect chance to soak up the area’s natural beauty.
The Vineyard is also a photographer’s heaven offering beautiful vistas featuring the lake, landscaped gardens, and pictorial sunset over the water.
Tour Details…
Visitors are invited to join the Vineyard and Winery Tours, which provides an opportunity to explore the vineyard and winemaking facilities.  Starting from the comfort of our Trams we take a scenic drive through the vineyard toward the Winery.   Grape cultivating techniques and varieties are explained as well as the process of turning those grapes into wine with the Vineyard’s advanced winemaking equipment including the juicing equipment, fermentation tanks, barrel room with beautiful oak barrels, and bottling machine.
Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya : The Movie House Bed&Breakfast Pattaya
The newly opened Villaggio Community Mall sits charmingly at the vineyard’s entrance and offers a relaxed spot to start and end your visit.  Here on the terraced plaza you can shop, eat, relax, and take in the views over the vineyard.
At the SILVERLAKE Shop pick up the full range of vineyard products that are on offer including vine-fresh grapes, the vineyard’s delicious homemade grape juices and jams, raisin and grape pastries and snacks, and a wide selection of other grape products made on site, as well as souvenirs of the vineyard to remind you of your visit.
A visit to the Café offers a chance to cool off with a light snack, a fresh cup of coffee, a smoothie, or some homemade ice cream.  As the sun starts to set the full range of SILVERLAKE Wines can be enjoyed at the VINO Villagio Terrace Bar when you can toast your selections with spectacular views over the vineyard and lake.
Throughout the year the Villaggio also plays hosts to various craft and farmers markets where you can find a range of local and artisanal produce and products.   Visit our WELCOME section for more information about upcoming events.
Siverlake Wine&Grill
The Silverlake Wine and Grill Restaurant and Pizza Café is the vineyard’s family style restaurant that offers both indoor and outdoor dining with panoramic views over the whole property.   Here fine Italian and Thai cuisine is offered to compliment the vineyard’s wine.  Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner the full bar and nightly live music make this a great spot to enjoy a meal.  A fine lunch is complimented by a picnic at the adjacent Pizza Café with its traditional wood burning pizza oven.
The restaurant has a capacity of 200 people total dinning space, including a private Chef’s Room that seats up to 40 people.
Open Daily : 11am - 9 pm (Sun,Mon-Thu) : 11am - 10 pm (Fri,Sat) : For Reservation Please Call : (+66) 89-896-5166
Performance Venues
SILVERLAKE VINEYARD has made a name for itself by providing a multitude of venues, stages, and lawns for live performances.  From the world class Silverlake Music Festival; to an outdoor amphitheater that sits 300, the Vineyard’s many venues play hosts to concerts, shows, and festivals throughout the year.  Live music, a passion of the vineyard’s founders, can be found all across the property whether it is on the Winery lawn, the Cellar Door patio, or the adjacent concert field.  A visit to SILVERLAKE isn’t complete until you take in a live show or festival at one of the vineyards many concert and performances stages.
WINES & Products
Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya
The world of wine is one of culture and history but also one of innovation and newness.  Pioneering wine-makers, such as SILVERLAKE VINEYARD, challenge the conception of where wine comes from by developing exciting New Latitude Wines that are cultivated outside of the traditional wine regions.  As a proud contributor to growing Thailand’s winemaking culture, SILVERLAKE VINEYARD offers a variety of Red, White, and Rose wines.
More about New Latitude Wines:
New Latitude Wines is a newly coined term referring to wines made from grapes grown out of the traditional grape-cultivating latitudes.  Wines made in tropical locations, such as the wines coming out of SILVERLAKE VINEYARD and other Thai wineries, are the pioneering locations for which this term was made.
As in traditional winemaking the territory, or land, of a region is what has the biggest impact on a wine’s distinct flavors.  Soil, along with climate, and slope are the three biggest factors in determining which grape varieties can be successfully cultivated in a particular location.
SILVERLAKE VINEYARD sits along Thailand’s eastern seaboard where the long dry growing season, the strong coastal sunshine, and the vineyard’s lakeside setting of rich soil and pure water, make for ideal growing conditions for a number of different grape varieties that make up the SILVERLAKE Wines.
The resulting New Latitude Wines are often extremely exotic and fresh combinations that can be fruity and aromatic or bold with hints of spice and smokiness – an exciting combination of new and old world winemaking techniques and flavors that is sure to please wine-lovers and makers alike.
2013 SILVERLAKE Shiraz
2012 SILVERLAKE Tango Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
2012 SILVERLAKE Private Reserve
2010 SILVERLAKE Private Reserve
2011 SILVERLAKE Chenin Blanc
Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya : The Movie House Bed&Breakfast Pattaya
SILVERLAKE VINEYARD also cultivates a variety of table grapes from which a range of delicious vineyard products are made.  Featuring original recipes made from the freshest picked grapes that are sweet, tangy, flavorful, and delicious, the SILVERLAKE range of vineyard products includes:
Vine fresh table grapes
100% vineyard grape juices
Vineyard-made Raisins
Homemade Grape Jams and Jellies
Variety of Grape Cookies, Pastries, and Snacks
Vineyard products and souvenirs are available at the SILVERLAKE Shop in the Villagio Community Mall where you can take in the view while you pick up a little something to enjoy on the spot or back at home as you reminisce.
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