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TharnVara Beach Resort : ธารวรา บีช รีสอร์ท บ้านกรูด

Resort BaanKrut Beach, Thailand

    " TharnVara Beach Resort : ธารวรา บีช รีสอร์ท บ้านกรูด   
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  TharnVara Beach Resort  
TharnVara Beach Resort : ธารวรา บีช รีสอร์ท บ้านกรูด
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99/9 BanKrut Beach, Thongchai Sub-district,
BangSapan District PrachuapKhiriKhan, 77190
+66 830 089 759
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Accommodation 15 Rooms
Room Rate 900 - 6,900 Baht
Rates & Availability Subject To Change.
Please, check the details directly with the resort before arrival.
Welcome you to Tharnvara Resort Ban Krut Beach
This is where you to get the most valuable for your holiday vacation stay. We are surrounded with the beautiful nature, quietness, beautiful white sand and you pay for just a room and can stay with up to 3 people. We can even accommodate 5 of you in one room for just a little additional cost.
At Tharnvara resort we offer peace and quiet, away from the busyness of the world. We have one of the most beautiful beach just in front of our resort. We have arranged a variety of activities for everybody to enjoy their stay with us. Please feel free to explore our website or even contact us for any further questions.
Tharnvara resort is located in the beautiful nature and the ocean is only 10 steps away from your room.  You can walk down the perfect, white sand right to the sea and enjoy the peace and quiet at the beach. Perfect to just take your time to relax and enjoy yourself after all the busyness of work.
Accommodations : Room Features : TharnVara Beach Resort
Explore our room details. We are here to make the most of your vacation in Tharnvara style !The greatest value of holiday resort in Bann Krut beach!
Tharnvara Resort, the great value for your vacation and pets allowed. Enjoy your unique style of resort, one room payment, stay up to 3 people. Check out our Ocean View House for large group booking. We accommodate your pets as well Please look for further in the resort detail or contact us for any further questions.
At Tharnvara Resort we take pride in our service. We want to give you an unforgettable holiday experience while staying with us. We put together a variety of facilities and services you can enjoy:
Free-WIFI : Desk : Air condition : Food table : Towels : Wardrobe : FAN : TV :   Fridge : Shower
O   Triple Ocean View
    Our amazing value for your vacation stay, paying just for a room to stay with up to 3 people. We can accommodate 5 of you in one room for just for paying as little as 300 THB. Enjoy the ocean view from your room and take only ten steps from your door to the beach.
    Experience the ocean view from your bedroom, featuring a 25 sqm space with a variety of services and resort activities. Exposing the open balcony to enjoy some relaxation of the ocean view from your room. The gorgeous white sand and crystal clear ocean is just 10 steps away from your room. The Triple Ocean View Room features 1 single bed and 1 double bed for you to enjoy with family and friends.
O   Triple Seaside View
    No more heartbreak for pet lovers who must find a caring neighbour to look after their little loves every they go on a vacation. At Tharnvara Resort we allow pets in our accommodation. Enjoy the beautiful nature and the white sand that is just ten steps away from your door.
We offer you a great value and experience  with our Seaside Room featuring a space of 25 sqm. Take your time to enjoy the unique way of holiday with your family, friends and even your pets. You can reach the ocean surrounded with beautiful white sand just within a minute. The Triple Ocean View Room features 1 single bed and 1 double bed for you to experience the greatest value of holiday at Bann Krut Beach.
O   Ocean View House
    Ever been a holiday with family and friends where you had to stay in different accommodation? You no longer have to be apart!. Tharnvara Resort offers you a  family or large group vacation stay with our Ocean View Bungalow which contains 5 rooms, each of them including a single and a double bed. We have 2 Ocean view rooms and 3 Sea side rooms.
    Our super value holiday stay for a group vacation experience we can offer you the Bungalow feature house. It is 125 sqm, including 5 bedrooms, two with an ocean views and three with a seaside view. Each room contains one single bed and one double bed. The Bungalow house accommodates up to 15 people. We can accommodate a larger group of 20 for just as little payment as 300 THB per extra person. It takes less than a minutes from your house to the glorious beach and clear ocean.
$   Triple Seaside View For 3 guests Starting at 900 THB
$   Triple Ocean View For 3 guests Starting at 1,200 THB
$   Ocean View House For 15 guests Starting at 6,900 THB
Rates & Availability Subject To Change. Please, check the details directly with The TharnVara Beach Resort, BaanKrut Beach, PrachuapKhiriKhan Province, Thailand, before arrival or Walk-in.
Tharnvara resort offer you the most unique vacation, to serve and make the most of your vacation become like a dream Beside the value of your stay, these are things what made us stand out.
One room payment Stay up to 3 people.
Ten steps from your door to the glorious white sand beach.
Public transport friendly Our Resort is located just 7 minutes Away from the Baan Krut train station.
FREE WIFI WIFI coverage in every rooms Including the beach area!
Resort activities We arrange list of great activities for your holiday that everyone would enjoy.
Parking Driving down here is not problem, we also have a free parking lot for you.
Pets allowed It’s time to bring your furry friend on a vacation.
Apart from the great value in staying with Tharnvara Resort we do not want to just stop there but we value your time with your friends and family. We believe in activities that bring great joy and unity with your loved ones during your vacation. We arranged some games on the beautiful white sand such as Beach volley ball, mini golf, soccer or swimming in the crystal clear ocean. If you don’t like all these,you can just take a boat and explore the ocean with your other half or a mate. We also offer you a BBQ grill to end your busy day with a delicious BBQ meal.
Snorkel diving
Bann Kurt beach area has one of the greatest beaches in the south of Thailand. It’s quiet and far away from all the other holidaymakers. This makes the beach and the ocean to stay in  such perfect condition. Why not take your time and explore the ocean, check out what is underneath the clear water and say hi to the fish and other underwater creatures. We offer you a gear for snorkeling or if you are more adventurous, you can have a local tour to dive further away seeing the great coral and the spectacular view.
Beach walk
Isn’t it just wonderful to have a morning, afternoon or evening walk on the finest white sand, while listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore and dipping your feet into the water? Bann Krut has a large, up to 10 Km beach that’s waiting for you to explore and enjoy the great walk with your friends, family or just spend time alone enjoying the nature.
  Service&Facilities : TharnVara Beach Resort BaanKrut
   BBQ grill
   Wifi Internet
   Snorkel diving
   Beach walk : Beach Activities
Meeting : Walk Rally & TeamBuilding
TharnVara Beach Resort : ธารวรา บีช รีสอร์ท บ้านกรูด
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