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Ashcarya Boutique Resort : อาสคาญ่า บูติก รีสอร์ท สวนผึ้ง

Resort SuanPhueng, Thailand

   " Ashcarya Boutique Resort : อาสคาญ่า บูติก รีสอร์ท สวนผึ้ง   
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  Ashcarya Boutique Resort  
Ashcarya Boutique Resort Suanphueng : อาสคาญ่า บูติก รีสอร์ท สวนผึ้ง
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  Hotel&Resort : Ashcarya Boutique Resort
33/3 Moo 7, Sunaphueng Sub-District
Suanphueng, Ratchaburi 70180
+66 3220 6345
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Accommodation 12 Units
Room Rates 3,750 - 13,500 Baht
Rates & Availability Subject To Change.
Please, check the details directly with the hotel before arrival.
“ When a combination of modern boutique Architectural meets natures ”
Someone once said, emotional detached is one of the hardest thing to cope with in life. Whether you believe it or not, we are meant to be a solution to your healthy emotions, to give you a wider smile and a happier moment in life for you to remember. *LEAVE ALL THE STRESS BEHIND AND COME TO US.*
We review the secret of nature in each different season to bring out the best of each season, so that we know what best at the time of your arrival. From seasonal fruits that are planted and grown at our mini organic fruits and vegetable farm and serve right on your every dishes, while saving the nature by reducing the use of plastic and other activity that are harmful to natural life cycle, Here as human, we learn to live and appreciate OUR NATURE In combination with the use of Natural surrounding.
Sounds of nature and melody. Sense of your own preferences (herbs,leafs, fresh air, aroma oil) Colors effects on emotion
 #  Red for excitement
 #  Orange for fun , active, Brightening
 #  Black for peace and quiet
Therefore, we here to provide you with the flawless service and natural engine style that personalizes every ASHCARYA experience and service moment, we here to be one of the most desirable relaxing destination. Come experience the Secret world of Ashcarya, Come experience Our Nature.
Accommodations : Room Features : Ashcarya Boutique Resort
All rooms blur the line between modern loft and modern boutique. Every part of the room embodied the style of the designer which inspired by her own normal human’s emotion which transmit into color tone which reflects healtiness of body, mind, soul together with the sense of artistry.
Ashar : Garden View Villa
With a combination of striking and the dark colors tones that secretly energize you more during the day and warmth you up during the night. Plus sense of smells and sounds of your own selections, this villa belongs to you. It is not luxury but chic in its own style creation. A private balcony overlooking mountains and garden view where you can have a zip of your favorite drink and a small talk with your loved ones.
Taru : Jacuzzi type
A minimal luxury design in combination with differences color tone and texture effects created a distinctive room that is suitable for those who seek for something chic yet elegant as their romantic gateway. A private balcony overlooking a courtyard and Mountain View. 
O   Bhojbhuri : Pool Villa
    This villa might just take away all your time of the day. From private outdoor pool to a classic bathtub where you can soak yourself and relax in a Himalayan salt provided as our complimentary that will leave you with a baby smooth skin. Also, go easy at our outdoor rain shower with heavenly blue sky above you. Or perhaps, zip a glass of wine at your private balcony by the pool side or choose to stay inside and enjoy our in-room entertainment service. A private balcony overlooking a natural pawn, courtyard, Mountain view.
O   Tamu : 4 Bedrooms
The room is designed for a big family or a big group of friend or business private meeting to experience it all together. The villa included 4 bed rooms with four bathrooms, Private BBQ area, two living rooms, Coffee corner, and a meeting table for up to 12 persons
O   Bajika : 2 Bedrooms
    A cozy family villa type that created to make sure that all the members will have to be gathered at one point. With a large living room and a coffee corner which everyone has to walk pass whenever entering and leaving the villa, So, it’s ok to bring along your naughty kids and friends because no one will never be gone missing. Large private balcony suitable for a family or a small group gathering for BBQ? Drinking? We leave the idea to you.
V   Ashar Garden Vew Vlla For 2 paxs Nightly Rate 3,750 THB
I   Taru Jacuzzi type For 2 paxs Nightly Rate 5,500 THB
L   Bhojbhuri Pool Villa For 2 paxs Nightly Rate 7,700 THB
L   Bajika 2 Bedrooms For 4 paxs Nightly Rate 6,250 THB
A   Tamu 4 Bedrooms For 8 paxs Nightly Rate 13,500 THB
Rates & Availability Subject To Change. Please, check the details directly with The Ashcarya Boutique Resort, SuanPhueng, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand, before arrival or Walk-in.
Ashcarya pool side bar
Take a deep breath and enjoy our special seasonal cocktail which changes to suit your mood in every season of the year.. Only At ASHCARYA suanphueng Ratchburi.
Barbecue Dinner in the garden
@Ashcarya boutique Resort, We offer a mouth watering selected fresh ingredients for the perfect Barbecue Dinner in the Garden Available from 5 pm- 9.00 pm daily. Only at Ashcarya Suanphung Ratchaburi
Monk's Food offering
Monk's food offering in the early morning, here at ashcarya Suanphueng, we do not just give your body and mind relaxation, we even brighten up your soul
Sunrise at the peak
@ashcarya Suanphueng you may want to experience a feeling of standing 1.000 metre above sea level .. let's Go on 4WD to the top of TANAOSRI mountain in suanhueng for one of the most adventurous experience ever.!!
Service : Private birthday celebration : Barbeque in the garden service : Ashcarya healthy delicacy : Celebration events : A ride to sunset : Peace seeking (meditation) : Bhudist food giving
  Service&Facilities : Ashcarya Boutique Resort
   Ashcar Restaurant
   Food and Beverage Bar
   Wine Bar
   Swimming Pool and Kid Pool
   WiFi Internet
   Barbecue Dinner in the garden
   Wedding in the garden
   Sunrise at the peak
   Aroma oil burner in Rooms
   Suanphueng Sightseeing
Meeting : Conferrence : Events : Banqueting
Ashcarya Boutique Resort Suanphueng : อาสคาญ่า บูติก รีสอร์ท สวนผึ้ง
Team building / CSR
@ashcarya boutique resort, we are specialized in organizing private events such as Company team building, Life style friendship building, wedding and birthday celebration or even a mini concert. As our guest can enjoy one of the best sightseeing route of Thailand only at Suanphueng Ratchaburi.
Moment to be captured (Pre-wedding photos)
@ashcarya, we are more than greatful to be part of your most memorable romantic moment in a life time.Capture your love here @ashcarya boutique resort suanphueng Ratchaburi
Wedding in the garden
For the most romantic moment of your life time. At Ashcarya, we are specialized in organizing, making your dream wedding comes true. With the perfect 360 degrees mountain view of Ashcarya boutique resort, Suanphueng Ratchaburi,.. this place will never be forgeotten.
Contact  092-4955642  for wedding planning consultant.
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