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Cae Villa Resort HuaHin : ซี วิลล่า รีสอร์ท หัวหิน

Pool Villa Resort HuaHin, Thailand

        " Cae Villa Resort HuaHin : ซี วิลล่า รีสอร์ท หัวหิน "       
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  Cae Villa HuaHin  
Cae Villa Resort HuaHin : ซี วิลล่า รีสอร์ท หัวหิน
  Bangkok Head Office  
Hotel&Resort : Cae Villa Resort HuaHin
226/7 HuaHin 88, Phetkasem Road
HuaHin District, PrachuabKhirihan 77110
+66 3290 8383
    +66 882 364 880    
+66 3290 8383
  Etc., -    
    รายละเอียด โรงแรม & รีสอร์ท : Hotel & Resort    
Accommodation 10 Units
Room Rates 3,500 - 7,100 Baht
Rates & Availability Subject To Change.
Please, check the details directly with the hotel before arrival.
HuaHin is a popular beach destination among people who live in Bangkok, as it is just about 250 km down the South. Getting to HuaHin by train has been preferred by lots of tourists mainly because HuaHin train station itself is one of the tourist attractions and it is located right in the heart of the town. And taking a train can also be enjoyable and relaxing. However, if you want something a little bit faster, then traveling by bus is a good option.
There are actually plenty of buses and coaches heading to HuaHin most of the day. Many of them are air-conditioned. Just check with a local tour operator.
Or convenience and speed are what you want, then you can rent a car. There are also several car rental service companies available in Bangkok. This option is especially ideal if you also want to explore the whole town of Hua Hin by driving. Another option to explore the town is by taking a motorbike taxi. But this is not recommended if you are of nervous disposition.
Auto-rickshaws (Tuk-Tuk) and bicycle taxis are other good options if you don’t want to risk your life on a motorbike taxi. Just make sure that you negotiate the price before using the service. But if you rather save your money, taking the local minibus service is economical. The minibuses go along almost all the main road
Welcome to Cae Villa
...The real luxury in Hua-Hin downtown...
The elegant Cae Villa is a very recent arrival to the serene Hua-Hin, just a few hours drive from Bangkok. The relaxed, cosmopolitan spirit of Cae Villa welcomes guests from across the globe. Here we offer the real luxury accommodation right in the heart of Hua-Hin downtown with spacious parking space. Close to all amenities like shops, restaurants, and night markets, the resort still retains an air of exclusive privacy thanks to the individual sanctuaries of the 10 pool villas, in each of which you will feel that you are in your own home, peace and quiet.
Each of our 10 private pool villas presents the arresting unique contemporary design with ultimate privacy and high level of comfort. Its high ceiling makes you feel extra-comfortable. Every villa comes with a comprehensive selection of top of the range amenities and facilities such as an open-air private decking area with a plunge pool and a romantic cushioned daybed, spacious bathtub, king size bed, complimentary mini-bar and more!
Here is where you can truly experience legendary Thai hospitality, personalized service, exclusive facilities and luxurious amenities. Our personalized service for you is unrivaled and it is the area we never compromise on. Whether you want to taste the local food of Hua-Hin or want to indulge yourself with a relaxing spa treatment in your own room, just let us know! Our staff are here to make you feel at home, warm and special.
Located in the heart of Hua-Hin downtown, you might want to take stroll to the night markets, great seafood restaurants, bars. And did we mention the beach? From Cae Villa, you can also walk to the beach and feel the softness of the sand beneath your toes !
Accommodations : Room Features : Cae Villa HuaHin
...One night here is never enough… 
The relaxed, cosmopolitan spirit of Cae Villa appeals to visitors who love serenity, privacy, design, and comfort. This 21 st-century style resort consists of 10 individual pool villas, each of which features the striking sophisticated unique design. Walls and floors are bathed in slightly cool tones. Cae Villa’s imaginative array of modern, opulent details accentuates an overall sense of eternal elegance.
The tranquil, opulent ambience is prevalent and can be sensed throughout the room. The moment you step into your villa, you will definitely experience total privacy and peace. The spacious indoor and outdoor space and thehigh ceiling make you feel extra-comfortable. Here you will definitely leave your worries behind! 
Each villa has all the modern comforts that you need. The bedroom and open-air decking area merge seamlessly into one. Each comes with a comprehensive selection of top of the range amenities and facilities such as a secluded open-air decking area with a plunge pool and a romantic cushioned daybed where the natural light shines in the daytime and where you can sip your drink under the starry night sky.
The spacious bathtub, king size bed, complimentary mini-bar, free Wi-Fi and all other comforts in the room will make your vacation here the memorable one! 
Private Pool Villa : 1 King Size Bed
O   Weekday Nightly Rate 3,500-4,500 THB
O   Weekend Nightly Rate 5,500-7,100 THB
Standard Guest Room Amenities
- Air Conditioning   - Bathroom : Bathtub
- Television   - Refrigerator : Mini Bar
- Living Area   - WiFi Internet
- etc,      
Rates & Availability Subject To Change. Please, check the details directly with The Cae Villa Resort, HuaHin, Prachuabkhirikhan Province, Thailand, before arrival or Walk-in.
Facilities & Services : Let us attend to your every desire…
Your luxury holiday experience starts the second you set your foot into our property. We have a spacious car parking space for you. All of our friendly staff warmly welcome you with a cold towel and a fresh herbal drink as soon as you arrive at the lobby. It’s where you feel at home.
We offer you with real personalized in-room services. Just let us know what you want. Whether you want to try the local food of Hua-Hin or want to try the original taste of Thai seafood, we will serve it into your room. But for complete indulgence, why don’t you indulge yourself with our special in-room spa service. Choose your favorite body treatment performed by the experienced therapist and go lie back in the open-air plunge pool in your room.
You might also want to take a stroll along the beach to feel the warm wind that is carried on the ocean.
   Service&Facilities : Cae Villa Resort HuaHin
   Personalized in-room services
   Private Pool 
   Spa : Thai Massage
   WiFi internet
   Car Parking
   HuaHin Sightseeing
Meeting : Walk Rally & TeamBuilding
Cae Villa Resort HuaHin : ซี วิลล่า รีสอร์ท หัวหิน
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