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BanSuan ThaveechaiPhaphum Resort : บ้านสวนทวีชัยผาภูมิ กาญจนบุรี

Resort Kanchanaburi, Thailand

   " BanSuan ThaveechaiPhaphum Resort : บ้านสวนทวีชัยผาภูมิ กาญจนบุรี   
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  BanSuan ThaveechaiPhaphum  
BanSuan ThaveechaiPhaphum Resort : บ้านสวนทวีชัยผาภูมิ กาญจนบุรี
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  Hotel&Resort : BanSuan ThaveechaiPhaphum Resort
401/8 Moo1, ThaKhanun Sub-District
ThongPhaPhum District, Kanchanaburi 71180
  Phone +66 3459 9841 to 2    
    +66 3459 8978 to 9    
    +66 852 903 056    
    +66 895 264 135    
  Fax +66 3459 8978    
  Etc., GPS : 14°45'41.2"N : 98°34'24.1"E
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Accommodation 23 Units
Room Rates 1,600 - 7,400 Baht
Rates & Availability Subject To Change.
Please, check the details directly with the hotel before arrival.
Bansuan Thaveechaiphaphum Bed & Breakfast
Explanation of this category will be focused on the starting point of the trip from Amphoe Muang, Kanchanaburi Province. Approaching Bansuan Thaveechai by a car is the most convenient way. Take the Route No. 323 from Amphor Muang, Kanchanaburi heading to Amphor Thongphaphum, approximately 147 kilometers. Just before approaching the central area of Amphoe Thongphaphum, you will meet a triway crossroad. Please continue straight, you will automatically reroute to the Route 3272 which heads to Ban Pilok. Turning right at this crossroad will lead you to Sangkhlaburi and Three Pagodas Pass. Just a bit after passing this crossroad, you will meet a bridge over Kwae Noi River. Cross the bridge. There will be a small crossroad with the Official Gateway Structure to Amphoe Thongphaphum on your right. If you want to visit the market area of Thongphaphum, take a right turn here. The road will lead you to the market area and finally merge the Route 3272 
On your way returning to the bypass road Route 3272, before passing Thongphaphum General Hospital, on your left hand side, situated a graceful white Buddha, Pra Kanchanadharmabidhaksa seated on a lotus base embossed the royal cipher of His Majesty King Bhumibol. The ultimately merciful face of Buddha seems to overlook the peaceful land of Thongphaphum. Visit this place in early morning seems to inspire one's mind and thought of life. 
If you wish to get right to Bansuan Thaveechaiphaphum, continue on this bypass road. On your left-hand side, you will pass Municipality Buildings of Amphor Thongphaphum. Continue for about 5 km, you will see the entrance of Vajiralonkorn Dam Office on your right . From this point the road will pass through a short break of mountain rock corridor with very pleasant roadside greenery. Please drive slowly and carefully. Within a minute at about the last turn of this corridor, a delightful picture of the reservoir above Vajiralongkorn Dam in embrace of Dawna-Tenasserim Range will appear to your eyes. Beyond this point, you will be able to enjoy panoramic view of natural beauty so please drive slowly. Enjoy the supurb scenery. Especially during late afternoon till the time before dark, the lake will be glittering and the blue sky will become prismatic. Then continue just a little, the entrance of Bansuan Thaveechai will appear on your right-hand side.
Bansuan Thaveechaiphaphum Bed & Breakfast
There is no golf car available at Bansuan Thaveechaiphaphum. Guests must take a walk in order to approach all bungalows. Bansuan Thaveechaiphaphum had not been built first to serve the elderly and disables. It has been developed through times but not yet reached the right standard for the elderly and disables. Also exterior and interior lighting theme is based on old-time lighting. It may not suitable for the elderly. Please consider this situation thoroughly in booking a room for those mentioned. We are totally willing to find a proper room that is theright design for them in Thongphaphum Area. Therefore they can completely enjoy their time in Thongphaphum.
Accommodations : Room Features : BanSuan ThaveechaiPhaphum Resort
Bansuan Thaveechaiphaphum is a Tanquil Retreat B&B with its unique style cottage and exceptional view of Khao Changpuak over Vajiralongkorn Dam Reservoir (Khao Laem Dam Reservoir) in embrace of the Dawna-Tenasserim range and the Western Forest of Thailand. It is situated on Route 3272 to Ban Pilok in a nice tropical fruit orchard right along Vajiralongkorn Reservoir.
2 choices of breakfast available : American Breakfast or Rice Soup with pork or chicken. Both choices include toast with jam & butter, orange juice as well as coffee/tea/Ovaltine.
Ban Tonmakok
    Nightly Rate 2,100-2,300 Baht
    Ban Tonmakok are lovely bungalows situated in between Spanish Plums (Ellaeocarpus hygrophilus Kurz.), usually known as Ton Makoknam from which its name is derived, on the lakeside. 
    Exterior appearance is nice brickwork combination of exposed and mortared wall. Interior are mortared walls with nice exposed breakwork breaking lines as seen on the exterior. The main floor is finished with custom ceramic tiles from Rajburi and wooden boards for raised-up bedding area. Its wooden high ceiling high leaning on roof structure makes interior space much comfortable. 
    Each house is well furnished in warmly interior atmosphere. Each house bathroom is well furnished with a wash basin, a water closet and a warm shower. The bathroom and dressing area is on lowered level of the house. Other in-house amenity includes a refrigerator, a television, a ceiling fan and boxes of glasses & food utensils are placed near the refrigerator.
Ban Homdong : Ban Monthadoi
    Nightly Rate 2,700-5,200 Baht
    Both Ban Homdong 1-2 and Ban Monthadoi 1-2 are duplex houses, situated on the lakeside under pleasant shade right along the Vajiralongkorn Dam Reservoir..
    The interior space of the bedroom can be divided into 2 portions. The first is connected to the living room and the bathroom on normal level with an area for 1 twin-size bed decorated with bamboo posts. The latter is main area with 1 queen-size bed and 1 twin-size bed on raised-up wooden platform behind lovely bamboo partition. The bathroom is attached to the bedroom with 2-side windows which provide adequate natural light and proper ventilation. It is well furnished with a wash basin, a water closet and a warm shower. 
    Other in-house amenity includes a television, a ceiling fan, a refrigerator. Boxes of food utensils are placed in the lower part of television cabinet of the living room. 
    Bamboo decoration is the main concept for interior decoration. It is employed in both function and decoration. Its natural look incorporates well with other interior finishing treatment such as wooden plates, log pieces, bamboo mat, brickwork wall, sunrise-color-paint mortared walls, wooden ceiling and revealed wooden roof stucture. High ceilings of the living room and the bedroom makes both spaces very comfortable. Exterior walls are shown in exposed brickwork (face-work) decorated with log pieces. This decoration makes overall look attractive in its own rustic style. 
    Both lakeview balcony and gazebo are nice well-roofed wooden structure. Specially at the gazebo, there are a wooden table, benches and reclining beds provided for guests to enjoy their time with great view and nature around
Ban Rakmai
    Nightly Rate 1,950-2,700 Baht
    Each Ban Rakmai is air-conditioned bungalow with twin beds in Ban Rakmai 1 as well as a king-size bed in Ban Rakmai 2 . Its outlook of exposed brickwork and revealed wooden roof frames resembles thai tropical residence in the recent past. Horizontal breaking lines of brickwork pattern are employed to the exterior wall, eliminating the monotonous touch of general exposed brick wall. Roof structure is well arranged in order. Overall colour scheme expresses warm welcome to all guests.
    Each unit is situated in a pleasant orchard of tropical fruits. A welcoming verandah surrounded by nice greenery shade seems very cozy with a swinging wooden bench for your complete relaxation. Its floor is finished with wooden boards which look very lovely and get along well with its revealed roof structure. 
    Interior wall finishing looks alike. The colour of baked brick seems kindly warm. It gets along well with the wooden floor of the interior. The ceiling is rather high, leaning on the wooden bars bearing roof tiles. This high ceiling makes room physical ambience much comfortable. These revealed handsome rafters add lovely details to the interior space. An area for dressing and a bathroom are arranged under a cascaded roof with a nice private patio attached. In-house amenities provided include a television, a ceiling fan, a refrigerator and a bathroom with a wash basin, a water closet and a warm shower.
Ban Puangkram
    Nightly Rate 1,850-2,600 Baht
    Ban Puangkrams are standard air-conditioned room, situated in the pleasant foliage Its overall outlook is of tropical residence, usually with a verandah placed in front of the house. Exposed brickwork with horizontal tiny bands of brickwork pattern inserted is applied to exterior. Exterior also reveal wooden roof structural frames. Edges of all rafters are well cut in reverse curve shapes. Although its appearance is not thai traditional architecture, it however resembles warm atmosphere of thai residence in the recent past and expresses its warm welcome to all guests.
    Interior walls are mortored and painted in manner of its exterior. The look of horizontal tiny bands are still maintained as seen outside. Bands of mortared walls and exposed brickwork make interior outlook rather unique. Its wooden ceiling is attached on bars bearing roof tiles. It reveals handsome roof rafters and makes the physical ambience of the room much more comfortable. 
    Interior floor is finished with custom-made floor tiles from Rajburi, so is the verandah floor. An area for beds is raised up a little and finished with wooden boards.
    In-house amenities provided include a television, a ceiling fan, a refrigerator and a bathroom furnished well with a wash basin, a water closet and a warm shower. Boxes of food untensils are placed near the refrigerator.
Ban Chongkofai
    Nightly Rate 1,600-3,200 Baht
    Ban Chongkofai 3 & 4 are on the upper level of a 2-storey well shaded wooden house, situated by Vajiralongkorn Dam Reservoir in a pleasant shade of greenery.
    Ban Chongkofai 3 & 4 can be connectable through adjustable balcony partition. Each bathroom is well furnished with a wash basin, a water closet, and a warm shower.
    Room amenities include TV, a refrigerator, a table-fan and a ceiling fan. Boxes of food utensils are placed in lower compartment of theTV chest.
    For each unit , there is a cozy well-roofed balcony, also well shaded by Makamong Trees (Afzelia xylocarpa (Kurz) Craib.) and well furnished with verandah chair. Very private for your relaxation. From this point, one can overlook to the south a delightful view of an open ground and a small bay in embrace of the mountains. There is also a lovely reservoir-view balcony for each.
    Always morning Sun tunes up overall landscape in refreshing mood. His strong ray tightens up by daytime.Then the lake would glitter like silvering lake. When a full moon night approaches, Candra Deva would ascend from beyond East mountain wall and let enchanting cool ray light up the whole nightscape. When a dark night comes, twinkling stars would appear thoughout enormous sky. Such night would be aunforgettable night. This kind of experience would enlighten one's mind and hopes.
Ban Foithongintanon
    Nightly Rate 2,600-7,400 Baht
    Half of the Living Room ceiling is open up to the roof rafter which makes the living space very comfortable. Each bathroom is well furnished with a wash basin, a water closet and warm shower. Other in-house amenities include a television, portable fans, a ceiling fan and a refrigerator. Boxes containing food utensils and glasses is placed in a cabinet at the stairhall.
    At the Entrance, translucent roof tiles are added to provide adequate natural light. Above this area, there is a long tiny terrace with a long bench. It is also connected to a large bricked terrace under a pleasant shade, suitable for guests to enjoy their outdoor activities during dry season.
    Front & Back Balconies on the Upper Level are pleasant for guests to enjoy the nature around. Exterior is finished with log pieces on the lower level and wooden lap siding on the upper level. Details such as balcony balustrade, brick pavement, roof rafters and interior finishing incorparates well with the exterior appearance which assists Ban Foithongintanon to accomplish its own rustic style to fulfil your complete relaxation.
Rates & Availability Subject To Change. Please, check the details directly with The BanSuan ThaveechaiPhaphum Resort, Kanchanaburi Province, before arrival or Walk-in.
Thakhanoon Terrace
Thakhanoon Terrace presently serves our guests as main lounge by the Vajiralongkorn Dam Reservoir.
Thakhnoon Terrace serves in-between -the-day foods and dinner only for our check-in guests. It needs only to order in advance by writing down menus you wanted and the time you would be ready for your meals. Then give our order to our staff. The food will be prepared ready just in time that you would show up at the lounge. We do not have food service delivery to your room.
During the day, we serve snacks, appetizers, single-dish menus, fresh fruits and drinks. During dinner time we, we serve mainly Thai-dish menus.
Our Coffee Room with Finest-Quality Coffee, Hot & Cool Drinks, Fresh-fruit Refreshment& Desserts. Lunalaya is a coffee room, part of our main lounge,Thakanoon Terrace.
Thaveechai Samosorn : Raft Lounge
Theveechai Samosorn is a raft lounge provided for all guests. Its appearance resembles Thai traditional rural shelters. Roof structure is combined between wood and bamboo, covered with thatch sheets. Simplified Thai traditional pattern is employed in design of wood and bamboo balustrades, adding lovely touch to its overall appearance. Normally it is anchored at the bank to be a floating lounge for all guests.
During late August to January when the resevoir is filled up with fresh water from the forest, this lounge raft is situated right next to the outdoor dining area of Thakanoon Terrace. Guests may have their dinner on the lounge raft.
It is a delightful place to spend time during a day. In the morning the lake seems calm and cool. In the afternoon it appears glittering like whispering something. That confronting great mountain of the Dawna-Tenesserim Range seems so stunning especially the mountain of Chang Peauk (White Elephant) that would inform something beyond ones' imagination about great nature. Soon, a finale of daytime natural beauty appears with delightful prismatic sunset which would never be the same every single day. It moves slowly as if apsaras perform their excellent dance to entertain their supremacy. At night it is a wonderful place to sit around and have a nice time with company.
  Service&Facilities : BanSuan ThaveechaiPhaphum Resort
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   Thakhanoon Terrace
   Lunalaya Coffee Shop
   WiFi Internet
   Thaveechai Samosorn : Raft Lounge
   Kanchanaburi Sightseeing
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BanSuan ThaveechaiPhaphum Resort : บ้านสวนทวีชัยผาภูมิ กาญจนบุรี
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