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Ribs Mannn Restaurant : ร้านอาหารริบส์แมน เขาใหญ่

Khaoyai Restaurant, Thailand

Ribs Mannn Restaurant Khaoyai
ร้านอาหาร ริบส์แมน เขาใหญ่
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Ribs Mannn Restaurant Khaoyai
55/5 Moo 4, ThanaRat Rd (km 4), NongnumDaeng Sub-District
Pakchong District, NakhonRatchasima, 30130
+66 4436 5555
+66 992 893 555
Fax +66 4436 5115    
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Khao Yai’ The Ultimate Life’s Destination
Situated not far from Bangkok with easy accessibility, Khao Yai National Park, which has been designated as an ASEAN heritage park, is the country’s most visited reserve. Covering 11 districts of 4 provinces, the park’s terrain boasts variety of flora and fauna, headwaters of many rivers and its tributaries, as well as approximately 20 water falls and 13 hiking trails.
The harmonious agrarian landscape of Khao Yai’s undulating mountain terrain provides a lively backdrop against the lush green surroundings. Inevitably, it has prompted Ribs Mannn’s envision of forging strong visual and physical connection between interior and exterior spaces by installing panoramic windows. Immerse in multi-sensory experience of nature and gourmet cuisine.
Ribs Mannn The King of Smoked Meats
Signature by The Smoke House , KhaoYai
Ribs Mannn Restaurant : ริบส์แมน เขาใหญ่
The King of Smoked Meats
Welcome to Ribsmann restaurant situated in Khao Yai Thailand. Ribs Mannn has earned recognition as Khao Yai’s legendary eatery and “King of Smoked Meats” title. Its design triggers multi-sensory experience of nature and gourmet cuisine. The restaurant’s clear panoramic windows that are breathtakingly juxtaposed with our wooden premises forge strong visual and physical connection between interior and exterior spaces. Offering a comprehensive service of hosting any gathering at the customer’s disposal, the restaurant can accommodate up to 500 seats.
Enjoy various gourmets from steak, international cuisine, to home-made bakery, ice-cream, beverages, beer and over a list of 500 wines to choose from.
Ribs Mannn Restaurant : ริบส์แมน เขาใหญ่
Ribs Mannn Restaurant
Sit back, relax, and enjoy every inch of our uniquely designed pinewood restaurant that uses imported USA timber, in which added to the natural and homey atmosphere for your dining pleasure. Enjoy roundup of wines from around the globe (500 wine lists) that makes the possibility of pairing food and wine endless.
The culinary pasion of Ribs ann’s owner “Book Pratiroop Panpiemrasda” owes its inception to a dream of offering special delicacies just the way he wants.
Ribs Mannn Restaurant : ริบส์แมน เขาใหญ่
As the son of the famous Muak Lek Steak House, cooking and food ingredients have always been a part of him growing up. The kitchen resembles a laboratory, where spices, meats, vegetables and herbs are tools for exploring taste buds. While dinner times become a hub for critics congregation, and chefs effortlessly exude inspiration, Pratiroop eventually discovers his true calling in cooking. Inevitably, his experimentation with recipes from free cookbooks and diligence resulted in the materialization of secret recipes that are filled with love.
Enjoy live music of yesteryears and modern’s hit songs presented for your dining pleasure. With state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, indulge in daily Thai and international live music at the outdoor stage between 6.30 pm. - 10.00 pm
Homemade Takeaways
Takeaways are available; Ribs Mann’s homemade items such as sausages, ham, bacon, variety of smoked products, as well as salad dressings, bakery and organic vegetables.
Ribs Mannn Restaurant : ริบส์แมน เขาใหญ่
Order For Delivery
Ribs Mannn now offers delivery of a variety of smoked meats including, smoked ham pork chop, smoked pork ribs, smoked duck breast, bacon, smoked pork knuckle, smoked ham tenderloin, smoked ham pork neck and mixed sausages. Order now by calling Ribs Mannn on 088-2034555.
Open Daily from : 10.30 am  -  11.00 pm
For more information, Please call :  044-365555 : 09-92893555


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